Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Couldn't resist...

In the middle of a nasty presidential I shouldn't be throwing gas on the fire, but I couldn't help myself.  A friend gave me a piano book of horrible love ballads from the 1990's and I played through Lee Ann Rhymes' "How Do I Live" one evening to amuse my wife and embarrass my daughter.

Last night I re-imagined the song from the point of view of news reporters who will soon have to work harder when there are no longer new ridiculous Donald Trump clips every day or two.

I'm no Lee Ann, but nobody can say I'm holding back, either.

Here are the lyrics:

How do we 
report the news without you?
If we have a show without you
What kind of show would it be?
Oh, Donald,
Your sound bites are always gold.
On repeat they don't get old.
When you lose this race
Maybe we will have to go back outside and find news in real life.
And tell us now:
What do we report without you?
Local bingo?
Or a fluff piece on girl scouts who help shovel snow?
Pretty soon most folks will just get along.
Then what do we, oh, what do we show?

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