Saturday, May 28, 2011

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So, it always seems like I've just posted something, but the weeks get away from me.  There have been a few little musical projects that I've stopped and started during May, but none have reached a state suitable for posting.  For now they go into the massive folder of half-done projects that I'll sort through in a couple of months on an evening when the muses are particularly distant.

Tonight I've got another new song to post.  Everyone gets overwhelmed and confused from time to time, and while it's not a good feeling to wallow in, it is humbling.  It's a pleasing thought to imagine a life with a clear path always in front of me, but I think the reality would be disappointing.  This song was an attempt to convert those thoughts to ones and zeros, suitable for storage and transmission.

It really is amazing that we manage to live as long as we do.  A vast number of mechanical, chemical, electrical, and thermal conditions must be preserved to keep our bodies ticking.  And a significant chunk of our time is taken up by things that our bodies tell us we need to do to continue the process.  But then, what are we to do with the time and energy that remains?  Good things, right?  But that's quite hard for us to figure out on our own.  So many of the initial conditions that help determine the ultimate effects of our actions are unknown to us. 

So, here's the song that resulted from that soup of thought.  The annoying distorted glissing with delay in the background is slide guitar.  What?  You haven't tried that before?  Well, you've got to eat it all if you want dessert.  And that's final.

Enormity by are.kay.more

There are rougher edges on this one than I typically like to leave, but I'd hate to have a month go by with only one post.  Maybe I'll apply fixes later and upload an improved version in the future.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it

Any of you who follow my blog know that it impacts not only your life, but the lives of many others. There are in fact, three dedicated followers to this blog, proudly listed on the right sidebar. It is for them and for the faceless masses that I must continue to produce sounds. In case there are any naysayers out there that think that Bono and I can't change the world with music, here are some graphs to prove my point:

There you have it.  Collected by Google herself.

Oh wait, that one doesn't have the axis label.  Here you go:

Impressive, eh?  But wait, there's more.  It's not just the job seekers that I care about, it's the eaters, too.  Or, more correctly, the eat-seekers, since not everyone is able to acquire food to eat successfully.  See for yourself:

Now you're asking, how do I ensure that people do virtuous and effective things with the energy provided by the food from oprahsfavoritedeathmetal?  Easy: a worldwide network of cameras feeding information about everyone's actions back to a central positronic brain that controls us all like puppets.

Here's a list of other things that have taken place since (and likely because of) the beginning of Uncle Reeree's Music Blog:
-Mimi got an A in Calculus
-the World Cup
-Somebody in England got married
-the Olympics
-the government decided shutting down was a bad idea
-no world-crushing meteors
-India beat Pakistan in cricket

We will stop there.  Point made.  In some small way, the sounds that flow out of the internet and into your ear buds are the butterfly wings that continue to stave off eminent destruction.  The inadvertent twitch of your rump as you listen to "Rumble and Bounce" just made somebody decide to get a smoothie instead of raiding a peasant village.  So, carry on, my children.  Your work is as important as mine.

Brownie recipe found during monkey brain vivisection by are.kay.more