Sunday, December 18, 2016

Audio sketchbook

Here's another short instrumental track.  I don't know what these things are really.  Some instrumental music is very deliberate, like a sonata or a symphony.  Other pieces are a vehicle to show instrumental prowess, like a jazz combo playing an instrumental of a familiar song.  These are just kind of mood sketches.  Maybe they're background music for movies that won't ever be made.  They remind me of the 30-second filler instrumental tracks that some bands put on their albums.  I always thought those sounded like the band just messing around in the practice space.  Maybe that's the primordial soup that gives birth to the more popular songs that come later.

This one has got acoustic guitar, fretless bass, hammond organ, and ukulele.  There's a bit of rumbling at the beginning as the worn-out tubes in my ancient organ crackle through the spring reverb tank.  It was recorded on one of the cool, rainy evenings we get in the South in December instead of snow.  The video shows my view from the Reaper recording software.  This is what I see as I adjust track levels, add effects, and hunt audio gremlins.