Monday, March 5, 2012

See if I care

So, it's been months since the last new music post from Ol Uncle Reeree.  I could make excuses like "I was working" or "I was spending time with family" or even "A tiger ate my arm and it took a little while to grow another," but you wouldn't care.  You, my adoring, merciless public need music.  Without me and my home recordings what can entertain you?  The never ending fountain of flawless studio tracks that flow from Pandora?  Videos on Youtube of every cute puppy that has ever lived?  Tens of thousands of hours of Netflix movies?  Bah!

Well, despite speculation, I have not given up on music altogether.  And here we have more of the fruits of my not-giving-up-edness.  This is a somewhat fictional love song about me trying to be a good little engineer in school and trying to avoid the confusion and inefficiency of romance.  Let me know what you think:

P.S. I have it on good authority that this may be the first pop song to mention Green's function.