Monday, October 10, 2011


Do you remember way back before you were married when you lived with a bunch of guys in an apartment and one of them used to sing "Monday is the best, you can wear your butt!" all of the time? And do you remember how that used to get stuck in your head, looped for hours at a time? And then, maybe the person who got the song stuck in your head in the first place would suddenly start clapping inhumanly loudly and giggle when you winced in pain? And then, maybe you would find the neighbor's underwear mixed in with your laundry and you would never actually get around to returning it because you could never think of an appropriate way to do it, and because you're not really sure which neighbor it may have been anyway? Well, here at Reeree's music factory we certainly remember those days. We used to wonder what the instrumental parts were like to the "Monday is the best" song. Was it really even a song at all, or maybe just some college's football cheer, or an ancient druid chant, or a grade school mnemonic device?

The wondering drove me into a frenzy. After years of suffering, my only hope to avoid more loss of sleep or productivity was to record the song myself, allowing it to take shape and drift out of my head into the internets where it could find others to afflict. My children helped me in my quest, providing the vocals that I was too shy to deliver. I contributed synthesizer, drum machine, vibraphone, electric guitar, bass guitar, and sampled string parts.

Hope you enjoy the tune. And have a very happy Monday!

MondayIsTheBest by are.kay.more