Saturday, November 27, 2010

The twelve days of "Good Lovin'"

Alright, people.  The turkeys have begun their annual journey from the oven (where mommy magic makes them appear), to the refrigerator, and then eventually to the sewage system.  You find yourself eating leftover sweet potatoes, cranberries, pumpkin, and other things that modern man does not ordinarily consume.  Each day the news paper contains about three times more glossy ad pages than dull new pages.  These things are all signs that Christmas time's a-comin', and you can count on Uncle Reeree to do his part to put you in the holiday spirit.

There are a few issues that keep OprahsFavoriteDeathMetal from being a conduit of Christmas cheer, though.  First of all, I generally don't like Christmas music.  Orchestral and choral stuff is very nice, but Nashville and LA have had to put their spin on the carols.  There are so very many popular recordings of old Christmas favorites, and the vast majority of them are suitable replacements for ipecac syrup. So, re-recording reeree-ized Christmas songs was on option, but the thought of "Silent Night" with a guitar solo makes even me cringe.

As an aside, I had been thinking about doing a series of themed posts.  When I was a kid, I remember a local radio station spent an entire weekend only playing different groups playing their own versions of "Louie, Louie" (originally by the Kingsmen).  It was fascinating to hear a simple pop song reinvented and reinterpreted dozens of different ways.  I thought it might be a fun project to find a simple and familiar song that I might be able to stretch a few different ways.

With these things in mind, I thought of a "Twelve Days of Christmas" posting series with a different cover of one pop song in each post.  Since 'good' and 'love' are words often associated with Christmas, "Good Lovin'" seems like a natural song to choose.  Come to think of it, it may even BE a secret Christmas song in disguise.  Let me ask google...

Hmmm.  Google had 71,600 responses to that question.  That's somewhat surprising.  I imagine that if Google had found only two answers, with one of them being "yes" and the other being "no," then they would be right one way or the other.  I'm clearly overlooking 71,598 other possibilities.

Secret Christmas song or not, it's what you will be getting for the next few weeks from Uncle Reeree.  This first one is a kind of electronic version.  I'm sure any old motown great would be thrilled to hear their tunes interpreted with drum machines, synthesizers, and delay boxes.  Enjoy:

Good Lovin Nov. 27 by are.kay.more

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A very sweet love song

Yes, I have a sensitive side.  I may be a former bounty hunter, with 2 Mr. Universe titles under my belt, and a currently perfect record in UFC, but deep in my rib cage there are soft bits.  Through an agonizing process, I convulse until these soft bits liquefy in my lungs, and are coughed out as my arms twitch uncontrollably in an event that I call "me singing in the garage so no one else can hear me."

Here are the fruits of such an introspective, touchy-feely evening.  Find a quiet spot, put on a pair of headphones, and bathe in the beauty:

Hey Aunt Jemima by are.kay.more