Thursday, November 4, 2010

A very sweet love song

Yes, I have a sensitive side.  I may be a former bounty hunter, with 2 Mr. Universe titles under my belt, and a currently perfect record in UFC, but deep in my rib cage there are soft bits.  Through an agonizing process, I convulse until these soft bits liquefy in my lungs, and are coughed out as my arms twitch uncontrollably in an event that I call "me singing in the garage so no one else can hear me."

Here are the fruits of such an introspective, touchy-feely evening.  Find a quiet spot, put on a pair of headphones, and bathe in the beauty:

Hey Aunt Jemima by are.kay.more


  1. Richard - the rep for some band called Plain White T's called wanting your address to send some papers to you. Something about a lawsuit. I told them to send it to the Waffle House in Madison.

  2. I am never eating chicken nuggets again. ever.