Sunday, November 29, 2015

Through the cracks...

I found a couple of instrumental tracks that I had recorded over the last month or two but had failed to post.  They're weird, y'all, but you've probably come to expect that from OFDM.

Here's an electronic misrepresentation of "Do, Re, Mi" from The Sound of Music.

And the delicately named "Dismemberment No. 1 in b minor":

Live music!

I'm blessed to go to church with a bunch of musically talented people.  We put together a concert of American folk, jazz, and theater music for the community last week and people actually came!  And had fun!  Here are a couple of recordings from the night.  Mallory Nuzman's singing with Jenny Webb on piano, John Brady on bass, and myself on guitar.

I got to do a solo piece on guitar as well:

The rest of the excellent performances from the evening are here.  Sharing music online is fun, but live music is a blast!