Wednesday, June 1, 2011

it's Wednesday night, the conditions are perfect...

This week my family is gone to Memphis while I'm staying home to work.  The prospect of free time is usually exciting, but I always end up missing them as soon as they leave.  It's working out, though, and Sarah and the kids are getting some good grand parent time while I try to get some work projects wrapped up before the baby comes. 

This piece has strange instrumentation: two bass guitars, a ukulele, piano, drum samples (electronic drums), and a pencil scraped against a pen.   It reminds me a bit of my family, though.  It starts out with a single instrument alone and others join one by one as time passes.  It's short, but pleasant.  Enjoy:

Family Tree by are.kay.more


  1. Bubby! I love this! It sounds great.

  2. which family exactly does it remind you of ?
    Just asking.