Monday, July 11, 2011

The Book of Feynman

So in a recent interview, Matt Parker and Trey Stone admitted that their first attempt at a broadway musical was based on the epic story of 19th and 20th century physicists trying to reach beyond the framework that Newton had built a couple of hundred years before. While some of their initial work on the theme was promising, their manager encouraged them to pursue instead a theme that would allow for more racial, religious, and sexual jokes. The result was 21st century news and theater gold. But let's take a peek at what could have been:

The Book of Feynman by are.kay.more



  1. *sobbing* I want to believe!!! Go little electron! be a particle and a wave!!... so moving.

  2. I never seen one, somebody just made up that stuff about electrons and quirks and such

  3. Mom says with billowing pride, "That's MY SON---the sound junkie!" Who else can say that(besides Dad)! (And, he thought it was just a phase...)