Sunday, November 6, 2011


So, having a family complicates the "how to fill an ipod with music" problem. I like to have it play at random in the car or while we clean the house, but I'd rather not have my 6-year-old singing along with "She's got leeeeeegggggss!", or worse yet: "Get one the scene! Like a sex machine!" To remedy this problem, I had a couple of options: 1) remove all rock, blues, and R&B music from my ipod OR 2) Gently edit the music to make it more family friendly.

I didn't like option 1 because I LOVE old R&B and blues. I'm drawn to it, probably because I'm completely incapable of producing it, coming from a comfortable middle-class upbringing. So I decided to explore the other option...

Upon trying option number 2, I figured out that my hand is incapable of the subtle editing that would be required. Simply gating out the work "sex" from the chorus of James Brown's "Get up" proved pretty jarring. So, some of you may recall last year when I decided to go ahead and destroy the song entirely.

This week I decided to give a Marvin Gaye tune the business. I didn't find a good place for a guitar solo or a polka band, like I gave to Mr. Brown, but I did manage to drop nearly all of the cheesy house remix tricks that I know.

Technical Healing by are.kay.more


  1. Whoa! I just got kicked in the shins by a robot!

  2. :) Darn, he was going for your face.