Monday, October 25, 2010


When I got my first digital multi-track recorder back in 2002, I discovered digital reverb. It was to me as ketchup is to a two-year-old. I slathered everything in great gooey gobs of it. It took the thinnest plinky guitar sound from my Peavey plugged into the mixer, and drew it out into giant juicy washes of sound. Best of all, the reverb made it seem as though everything I played were echoing through some ancient cathedral in France.

 (Logan, pictured above, is who Google decided was the "messy ketchup baby" that I requested.  You can find him generally being cute on his baby blog here.)

Alas, it was a cheap thrill. Now I grumble whenever I pull up something that I mixed from back then with too many heavy, muddled effects, and a lopsided equalization, owing to the bad headphones I used back then. Here is an artifact excavated from those days. Muddy as it is, it's got a couple of lines that still tickle me, so I decided to share it.

Reverbariffic by are.kay.more

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  1. This could be background music on a Final Fantasy game.


    that's a good thing :)