Saturday, July 21, 2012

I'm not dead yet

Well, hello there. It's been a little while. I've managed to keep myself busy with stuff: eating, excreting, re-reading the whole internet, etc. While I still recognize the importance of those things, I decided I should make time for music. After starting and abandoning a couple of grandiose musical ideas, I went back to my musical roots: noodling around aimlessly. As I got going on this one, I started thinking about the wildly annoying guitarists from the 1980's whose licks I always try to mimic whenever I plug a guitar into an over-driven amp. I wonder where those guys are now. Are they clean-shaven and middle-aged doing someone's taxes? Are they lurking in the corners of guitar shops selling chinese stratocaster copies and giving lessons? Are they still playing street corners and selling cassette tapes waiting for a break? This tune makes me think of option C. Tambourine, claves, bass drum, electric piano, bass, and our guitarist donning a muscle shirt and his neon green super strat plugged into a Marshall stack turned up to 11.

"Thank you, thank guys are great....if you like what you hear, we've got tapes for sale for $10... and also, the tip bucket won't bite, I swear. Only our bass player does that! Yeah! Haa haah haa......oh man... okay, well we're going to take a short break, but stick around. We'll hit you with more in about 20 minutes."

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