Monday, September 20, 2010


Guitar is fun to play. I've acquired several over the years, which is silly, really, because I usually don't play more than two at a time anyway. This is a recording I made one evening a while back. On the computer I can record a "track" of me playing something, and then go back and layer another recording ("track") on top of it. This mp3 is just two guitar tracks, one rhythm, and one lead over an almost-certainly-not-original set of chord changes. I think that I was in an Alman Brothers-y kind of mood that day, wanting to hear a wandering guitar solo over some changes in a major key.

My Four Hands by are.kay.more

Pretty regularly I record things thinking they are original, only to realize later that it's the theme to a TV show my kids watch. Let's make a game out of it: If you can name the tune these chords come from, you get all of the money in my Swiss bank account!


  1. It's "I'm the map" from Dora!



    *leans back in satisfaction* I just love fake swiss money.

  2. don't have a clue. But I did like the guitars.