Thursday, September 23, 2010

quantum mechanics fixing tiny cars

Sometimes I like to play music. Sometimes I just like to make weird noises. Other times I like to do something in-between so that I can claim either.

Uncle Reeree:"Hey check, this out" [shoves headphones on unsuspecting passer-by]
UPB:"Whoa, strange. You know, I don't think that chord progression really works."
Uncle Reeree:"No, no, it's just noises. Just exploring some sonic space."
UPB:"Oh, I see, must be over my head."
Uncle Reeree:"Yes"

Uncle Reeree:"Listen to this"
UPB2:"With your earphones? Nasty!"
Uncle Reeree:"They're clean...-ish."
UPB2:"It looks like your sweat has worn off the vinyl cushion covering"
Uncle Reeree:"Just listen, it's like a minute and a half long is all"
UPB2:"Play it through the speakers"
Uncle Reeree:"The laptop speakers??!?!"
Uncle Reeree:"But I mastered it using the...No, the laptop speakers aren't an option."
Uncle Reeree:"OK, OK, here's five bucks"
UPB2:"Five dollars to risk contracting an ear-communicable disease?"
Uncle Reeree:"Fine. Ten. Now listen."
Uncle Reeree:"Well?"
UPB2:"It was nice, but the synths all sounded like VSTs. Hardware oscillators are needed to bring it alive."
Uncle Reeree:"There was a cracklebox in there..."
UPB2:"I know. I don't count that. And you're kind of heavy handed with the delay."
Uncle Reeree:"Well the instrumentation and mastering may not be there yet, but it's all about the melodic lines."
Uncle Reeree:"Yeah, I used a mixophrygialocrian mode with an altered temperment. Could you hear the was submediant pulled upward a few cents? It always makes me smell cinnamon."
UPB2:"No, I didn't catch that..."
Uncle Reeree:"And the phrases are shaped like Ives would have done if there had been microwave popcorn back then."
UPB2:"Sounds like you're playing to a different audience."
Uncle Reeree:"Most definitely."

With that, here is a track of me playing around in Ableton Live (recording software). The bass guitar and cracklebox cracklebox clone are real. Everything else is a software instrument or effect controlled by my keyboards. The dblue Glitch VST effect is used for the nutty piano processing. It's a kind of strange track, so I named it to refer to one of the entry level problems in quantum mechanics (a strange subject with even stranger math).

Particles In A Box by are.kay.more


  1. in Darth Vader voice - I don't. Couldn't dance to it, lyrics were sophomoric and barely audible and pitchy. Score 3.2