Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Greetings, beings of the cyber-universe

This is a blog.  A blog uses words to communicate thoughts, convey information about events, and maintain social contact with people you don't actually care to talk to.  Information on words can be found here.

This blog, however, will not be a funnel for words, primarily.  It will be a place for me to post music that I make, or original music from other people who permit that their work be posted.  For years I dreamed of planning, writing, recording, and producing an album - a coherent body of work with pieces that complement each other and flow.  I have learned that my "method" doesn't lend itself to such an effort.  I typically wander into my room of noise toys half an hour after the kids go to bed, search for cables that work properly, and piddle with drum machines and synthesizers until I have about 45 seconds worth of something I like.  The next time I get around to playing, I start over.  Still, I've found that I have fun and I enjoy listening to some of the pieces later.

OprahsFavoriteDeathMetal.blogspot.com was not the first name choice, but TurnDownThatRacket.blogspot.com was already taken, as was BrownNotes.blogspot.com.  Information on the brown note is worth looking up.  Should Oprah ever desire to make a blog to share with the world posts about her DethMet Favs, I'll gladly give up the URL.

The computer revolution has made it far easier to make and share music than it ever has been.  I hope that this proves to be an effective way to share music, instead of letting it all die on my hard drive.


  1. You're quirky. I like that.


  2. HAHAHAHAHA brown notes!
    Richard, you are truly amazing!